Tuesday, May 15, 2012

 When I was younger my hobby was to go to the supermarket with my mother and count how many people would put toilet paper rolls in their trolleys and I tell you 90% of them would have a six pack. I always tried to convince my mother not to get one, not at all. I would tell her we should be different but she never listened; she'd just grab a six pack like the others and remove things I had thrown in the trolley.
" I'd rarely go clubbing and when I did I simply got drunk and analysed people 
"As I enter the University building I hear a young guy happily whistling. It is 09:00 am and I hate him 
"They were quiet. I was quiet. We looked dumb together.
"In front of me sits a young girl staring at her shoes. In the next station a woman enters the train and sits by my side. She unwraps something and start eating it. It smells like fried chicken. I can't help but wonder what the hell does she think, eating fried chicken at this time of the day and inside a train. She doesn't think that is it. She doesn't care, she is a menial of her body.There are 20 stations ahead so I just keep listening to music, at least it makes life and people look more interesting, except for the woman eating chicken. 
Es de aquí, me dio risa.

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